Let one of our Sales Representatives help make the best recommendation for your usage. There is a lot to consider when determining the proper wrapping solution for the type of load.


Whether you are looking for Pallet Wrapper Sales, Service or Parts – you can count on ShrinkTec to find the perfect solution for you. It may sound cliché, but our highly experienced Sales and Service Staff believe that it is important to take the time to understand our clients needs in order to provide a dependable solution that will meet your current usage requirements, as well as future growth.

The right pallet wrapping machine can be the difference between your product arriving to its destination in perfect condition or damaged. Let us help you take the risk out of shipping so every product you ship arrives safe and secure.

pallet wrapping machine

Turntable Pallet Wrapping Machines

Manual and Semi-Automatic Turntable Pallet Wrapping Machines. Customizable Fully Automated Systems Available

pallet wrapping machine

Rotary Arm Pallet Wrapping Machines

Semi Automatic, Portable Automatic and Inline Automatic Rotary Arm style machines do not require a Ramp and will wrap your pallet directly on the floor. 

Orbital Pallet Wrapping Machines

Full Variety of Manual, Semi/Fully Automatic Orbital Machines. A Load enters the orbital machine via conveyor system. An orbital machine is great for wrapping very long items that are not palletized.

pallet wrapping machine

Custom Applications

Some projects just require something custom. Whether it is a unique load or something large or heavy. It could possibly be a very specific Material Handling process which requires extra automation. 

pallet wrapping machine

Break-Fix Service Repairs

Our Service Team is one of the most experienced in Southern Ontario. With reasonable rates, we can typically fix a down machine within a 24-48hr turnaround. We service mostly all makes and models. 


There are few parts on a pallet wrapping machine, but many manufacturers. Luckily, we work with most of them, and are able to source parts to get your machine back up and running within reasonable time.

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