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Handle-It 1100 Semi-Auto Turntable Stretch Wrap Machine


The Handle-It 1100 Pallet Wrapping Machine stands as the epitome of configurability, offering a myriad of pallet wrapping options to cater to diverse packaging needs. As our most configurable model, it provides unparalleled versatility, ensuring the most robust usage with a capacity for up to 300 daily cycles.

With its advanced features, including pre-stretch wrapping capabilities of up to 250%, this machine guarantees efficient and precise wrapping, making it an indispensable tool for businesses with high-volume pallet wrapping requirements. Whether it’s maximizing efficiency, ensuring load stability, or minimizing film usage, the Handle-It 1100 is designed to meet and exceed the demands of modern packaging operations.

Handle-It 1100 Pallet Wrapping Machine: Unmatched Configuration for 300 Cycles Daily

The Handle It® Model 1100 presents an exceptional combination of features and affordability, making it the ideal choice for those seeking an efficient stretch wrap turntable machine capable of handling substantial daily pallet volumes. This SA model stands out as our most configurable, featuring 250% film pre-stretch and comprehensive wrap cycle parameters. With a capacity to wrap up to 300 cycles per day, it offers unparalleled flexibility and efficiency for diverse packaging needs.

Performance & Specifications
  • 300 maximum average loads per day
  • Total max wrap height of 94″ optional -118″ extended height available
  • 4400lb maximum load weight capacity
  • 250% power pre-stretch film carriage for improved efficiency
  • Turntable speed 3-12 RPM
  • 59″ Turntable size
  • 110v standard plug
  • Machine size 104″L x 59″ W x 97″ H
  • User-friendly integrated PLC control board
  • Frequency controller for carriage and/or turntable speed adjustment
  • Photocell for pallet height detection
  • Electronically controlled power pre-stretch carriage- load sensor dynamically controls the application of film for consistent film stretch.
  • Stop at home position
  • Easily adjustable parameters such as bottom wraps, top wraps, carriage ascent & descent speed, film tension, & starting wrap height
  • Quick selection of 6 main parameters or saved programs
  • USB port to upload software and download settings, reports, and statistics
  • 6 working cycles: ascent/descent, topsheet, only ascent, only descent, layers, and stack
  • Storage of 32 end user programs
  • On-board diagnostics
  • 3 year warranty
  • Rack and pinion carriage drive system increases reliability and decreases down time
  • Heavy duty frame construction for the most demanding jobs
  • Integrated PLC controls with onboard diagnostics make repairs easier to identify and reduces downtime
  • Belt driven power pre-stretch carriage for added reliability
  • Heavy Duty carriage rollers and self lubricating turntable bearings
  • Password protection and one of the widest array of wrap cycle parameters available

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  • Integrated Scale
  • Automatic film cutter
  • Label Printer for weight tickets
  • Frame extension for long pallet loads
  • Loading Ramp
  • Roping System
  • 118” Max Wrap Height
  • Top Press
  • Photocell for Dark Loads
  • Cold Environment Kit
Weight 550 kg
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