Pallet Wrapping Machine FPS 1000 Manual Orbital Machine

The FPS-1000 allows you to integrate a fully functioning orbital wrapping solution to wrap long and large loads. Loads will need to be manually loaded into the orbital machine, and a foot pedal is engaged to activate the orbital wrapper as the operator moves the load through the orbital wrapper. Upon finishing, the operator must manually use the film cutter to separate the film, and the machine is ready to pass through the next load.


Introducing the FPS-1000 Orbital Pallet Wrapping Machine: Efficient Wrapping for Long and Large Loads

When it comes to wrapping long and large loads, our FPS-1000 Orbital pallet Wrapping Machine offers a fully functioning solution. Designed to integrate seamlessly into your packaging process, this machine enables efficient and reliable wrapping for your oversized items.

The FPS-1000 Orbital Wrapping Machine requires manual loading of the loads into the machine. Once the load is in position, the operator engages a foot pedal to activate the orbital wrapper. As the operator moves the load through the machine, the wrapper securely wraps the load, ensuring optimal stability and protection during transportation.

Upon completing the wrapping process, the operator manually uses the film cutter to separate the film, readying the machine for the next load. This manual operation provides flexibility and control, allowing operators to tailor the wrapping process to the specific needs of each load.

The FPS-1000 Orbital Wrapping Machine offers several advantages for wrapping long and large loads. The orbital wrapping technique ensures consistent and uniform wrapping, eliminating the risk of loose or unevenly wrapped sections. This enhances load stability and minimizes the potential for shifting or damage during transit.

With the FPS-1000, you can wrap a variety of long and large items, providing efficient packaging solutions for a wide range of applications. Whether you need to wrap industrial pipes, lumber, or other oversized products, this machine can handle the task with ease.

Investing in the FPS-1000 Orbital Wrapping Machine streamlines your packaging process, reducing the time and effort required to wrap long and large loads manually. By automating the wrapping process, you can increase productivity and ensure consistent wrapping results.

Choose the FPS-1000 for an efficient and reliable orbital wrapping solution. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and explore how our advanced orbital wrapping machine can enhance your packaging operations, providing secure and uniform wrapping for your long and large loads.

FPS 1000 – Manual
  • Foot Pedal Operated
  • Ring Size 10-106″ ID
  • Precision Steel Ring
  • Friction Carriage
  • Manual Film Cutter


  • Product Hold-Down Rollers
  • Product In-feed/Out-feed Guides
  • In-feed/Out-feed Conveyors
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