Pallet Wrapping Machine FPS 2000 Semi-Automatic Orbital

Functioning in similar ways as its predecessor, the FPS-2000 Semi Automatic functions is Foot Pedal Activated by the operator. This orbital shrink wrap machine will automatically clamp the film to the load at the beginning of the process and will automatically cut the film to complete the wrapping process.


Introducing the FPS-2000 Semi-Automatic Orbital Wrapping Machine: Enhanced Efficiency and Convenience

If you’re in need of an efficient and user-friendly solution for orbital shrink wrapping, look no further than the FPS-2000 Semi-Automatic Orbital Pallet Wrapping Machine. Building upon the success of its predecessor, this machine functions in a similar way but comes with enhanced features to streamline your wrapping process.

The FPS-2000 is foot pedal activated, providing convenience and control to the operator. Once the load is positioned within the machine, the operator simply engages the foot pedal to initiate the wrapping process. The machine automatically clamps the film to the load at the beginning of the process, ensuring a secure start. As the operator moves the load through the machine, the orbital wrapper precisely and uniformly wraps the load.

What sets the FPS-2000 apart is its automatic film cutting feature. Upon completing the wrapping process, the machine automatically cuts the film, eliminating the need for manual intervention. This saves time and effort, allowing for a smooth and efficient workflow.

By incorporating the FPS-2000 Semi-Automatic Orbital Wrapping Machine into your packaging operations, you can enjoy several benefits. The foot pedal activation provides hands-free operation, enabling operators to handle the load with ease while maintaining control over the wrapping process. The automatic clamping and cutting features ensure consistent and secure wrapping results, reducing the risk of loose or unevenly wrapped sections.

The FPS-2000 is designed to enhance efficiency and convenience in your wrapping process. Its user-friendly operation, coupled with the automatic clamping and cutting features, simplifies the packaging cycle, saving valuable time and labor costs.

Investing in the FPS-2000 Semi-Automatic Orbital Wrapping Machine elevates your orbital shrink wrapping capabilities. Experience improved productivity, consistent wrapping results, and enhanced load stability.

Choose the FPS-2000 for an efficient and convenient orbital wrapping solution. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and explore how our advanced orbital wrapping machine can optimize your packaging operations, providing reliable and precise wrapping for a variety of loads.

FPS 2000 – Semi-Automatic
  • PLC Control
  • Foot Pedal Activated
  • Ring Size 10-106″ ID
  • Precision Steel Ring
  • Friction Carriage
  • Automatic Film Clamp and Cut


  • Product Hold-Down Rollers
  • Product In-feed/Out-feed Guides
  • In-feed/Out-feed Conveyors
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