Pallet Wrapping Machine FPS 3000 Automatic Orbital

The FPS 3000 introduces a Fully Automatic Orbital Wrapping Solution by taking control of clamping the film to the load, running through an automatic film wrapping cycle, and cutting the film. With proper PLC control, the FPS 3000 can relay messages to the Conveyor System to automatically feed in and out 24 hours per day.


Introducing the FPS 3000 Fully Automatic Orbital Wrapping Machine: Revolutionize Your Wrapping Process

Experience the ultimate automation and efficiency with the FPS 3000 Fully Automatic Orbital Pallet Wrapping Machine. Designed to take control of the entire wrapping cycle, this machine introduces a new level of convenience and productivity to your packaging operations.

The FPS 3000 eliminates the need for manual intervention by fully automating the orbital wrapping process. With its advanced PLC control, the machine seamlessly clamps the film to the load, runs through an automatic film wrapping cycle, and cuts the film with precision. This eliminates human error and ensures consistent and secure wrapping results for each load.

But the benefits of the FPS 3000 don’t stop there. With its integrated PLC control system, this machine can communicate with your Conveyor System, allowing for automatic feed-in and feed-out of loads. This means the FPS 3000 can operate 24 hours a day, enhancing productivity and reducing the need for manual handling.

Investing in the FPS 3000 Fully Automatic Orbital Wrapping Machine revolutionizes your wrapping process. By taking control of the clamping, wrapping, and cutting functions, this machine streamlines your packaging operations, significantly reducing labor costs while increasing throughput.

The advanced PLC control ensures precise and consistent wrapping, delivering optimal load stability and protection during transportation and storage. With its ability to communicate with your Conveyor System, the FPS 3000 seamlessly integrates into your existing workflow, allowing for uninterrupted and efficient operation.

Choose the FPS 3000 for a fully automated orbital wrapping solution that maximizes efficiency, improves productivity, and ensures consistent wrapping results. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and explore how our advanced orbital wrapping machine can transform your packaging process, providing reliable and automated wrapping for a wide range of loads.

FPS 3000 – Automatic
  • PLC Control
  • Ring Size 10-106″ ID
  • Precision Steel Ring
  • Automatic Carriage Home Position
  • Automatic Product Indexing
  • Automatic Film Clamp and Cut
  • Friction Carriage
  • Pre-stretch Carriage
  • Product Hold-Down Rollers
  • Product In-feed/Out-feed Guides
  • In-feed/Out-feed Conveyors
  • Film Roping
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