Pallet wrapping machine FPS-400LDT Semi-Automatic


For even more throughput, the FPS400LDT offers a low-profile pallet two-turntable solution for wrapping pallets sequentially with minimal time between wrap cycles. Extra options are available to add loading ramps, weigh scales,s and freezer packages to have a truly versatile, high-performance, maximum throughput solution.


Introducing the FPS400LDT Pallet Wrapping Machine: Unleash Maximum Throughput and Versatility

Are you in search of a pallet wrapping machine that can handle high-volume operations with maximum efficiency? Look no further than our FPS400LDT Pallet Wrapping Machine. Designed to deliver unparalleled throughput, this low-profile solution offers a unique two-turntable system for sequential pallet wrapping, minimizing downtime between wrap cycles and maximizing productivity.

The FPS400LDT is specifically engineered to optimize throughput, allowing you to wrap pallets sequentially without significant time gaps. This innovative design ensures a seamless workflow, enabling you to achieve higher productivity levels and meet demanding production schedules.

In addition to its exceptional throughput capabilities, the FPS400LDT offers a range of optional features to further enhance its versatility. You have the flexibility to add loading ramps, weigh scales, and freezer packages, tailoring the machine to your specific requirements. These extra options provide added functionality and convenience, allowing for seamless integration into your existing operations.

With the option to incorporate loading ramps, you can streamline the pallet loading process, ensuring smooth and efficient material handling. The addition of weigh scales allows for simultaneous weighing and wrapping, optimizing efficiency and eliminating the need for separate weighing procedures. For businesses operating in temperature-controlled environments, the freezer package option ensures reliable performance even in cold storage conditions.

The FPS400LDT offers a truly versatile, high-performance solution that can adapt to the unique demands of your operation. Its advanced features and customization options empower you to achieve maximum throughput and efficiency, significantly improving your packaging workflow.

Investing in the FPS400LDT Pallet Wrapping Machine opens up new possibilities for increased productivity and optimized operations. With its low-profile design and dual-turntable system, you can experience seamless sequential wrapping, reducing idle time and boosting overall productivity.

Choose the FPS400LDT for a versatile and high-performance pallet wrapping solution that meets the demands of your high-volume operations. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and explore how our advanced machine can revolutionize your packaging processes, ensuring maximum throughput and efficiency.

  • PLC controls
  • LCD Display Screen (providing function control viewing)
  • Variable Turntable Speed 0-15 RPM
  • Variable Film Carriage Speed Up/Down Control
  • Separate Top/Bottom Wrap Selectors 1-9
  • Separate Film Height Selector 1-9″
  • Flush Mounted Control Panel (built into the tower)
  • Cycle Counter
  • Manual Carriage Raise/Lower Control
  • Turntable Jog with Auto Home Alignment
  • Large Emergency push button power On / Off Switch with indicator light
  • Start Cycle Push Button
  • Standard Wrap-Up/Down Program
  • 12 Volt DC Control System (for operator safety)
  • All circuits are protected by fuses (easy access)
  • 20 amp Power Board Circuits to carry a 10 amp load
  • HURRICANE THREAD©20″ pre-stretch film delivery system
  • 200% factory set film stretch (50%-250% available upon request)
  • Easy thread film carriage
  • No hinges, latches, or idler rollers to wear and cause inconsistent film stretching
  • Electronic film force control on the panel
  • Adjustable mechanical force to load
  • Linear analog proximity sensor film feed speed control
  • 1/2 HP DC SCR variable speed film drive
  • Triple beam auto height eye capable of recognizing all colors including black
  • UHMW supports provide effortless movement and maximum stability (Qty4)
  • Heavy duty ANSI #50 chain carriage lift
  • 1/2 HP DC SCR variable speed drive
  • The carriage chain is fully guarded
  • 0–15 RPM Table Speed
  • 1/2 HP SCR variable speed
  • Adjustable electronic soft start/stop
  • Positive home position alignment
  • Safety E-Stop button
  • 40 table support wheels (per table)
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