Orbital Pallet Wrapping Machines

Orbital Stretch Wrapping Machines offer a precise and efficient solution for packaging long or vertically oriented products. Unlike traditional horizontal wrapping methods, these machines are specifically designed to handle such items with ease. By seamlessly integrating into existing in-feed/out-feed conveyor systems, they provide a comprehensive packaging solution, ensuring consistent and reliable wrapping results.

One of the key advantages of Orbital Stretch Wrapping Machines is their ability to accommodate a wide range of load sizes. With ring-opening sizes of up to 106″ inside diameter, they can handle various load dimensions, including wide, tall, and long items, making them ideal for applications with diverse packaging requirements.

To cater to different needs, three options are available: Manual, Semi-Automatic, and Fully Automatic. The Manual option allows operators to have hands-on control, providing flexibility and manual adjustment capabilities. The Semi-Automatic option combines manual control with some automated features to streamline the process. The Fully Automatic option offers the highest level of automation, eliminating the need for operator intervention and maximizing productivity.

By investing in an Orbital Stretch Wrapping Machine, businesses can significantly improve load stability and enhance product protection during transit or storage. The advanced wrapping solutions ensure precise and efficient packaging, making them a valuable addition to any packaging operation.

pallet wrapping machine

FPS 1000 Manual Orbital Machine

pallet wrapping machine

FPS 2000 Semi-Automatic Orbital Machine

pallet wrapping machine

FPS 3000 Automatic Orbital Machine

pallet wrapping machine

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