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When your Pallet Wrapping Machine needs Service, feel confident that our Service Technicians will get you back up and running quickly. Our team of Technicians are located throughout Southern Ontario ranging all the way from Windsor to Ottawa with a strong focus on the Greater Toronto Area. We are confident that we are able to access parts for the most common machines within a 24-48 hour window to ensure your operation experiences the absolute minimum downtime.

Operator Safety and Efficiency is the most important aspect in the process. We can train your operators on Pallet Wrapping Machine usage and best practices for safe wrapping. For a small or large audience, our technicians can go through full operation procedures by physically loading and wrapping your product.

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The majority of pallet wrapping machine break-fix calls we get that result in down time are about 98% attributed to operator error. These operator errors are costly and can be completely avoided with proper training and adherence to best practices.

  • Always keep Pallet Wrapping Machine clear of debris such as Shrink Wrap Waste or pieces of Broken Pallets. These will overtime get stuck under the turntable and cause the chain/motor to get jammed up.
  • Always keep your Pallet Wrapping Machine plugged directly into an electrical outlet, and never connect your Pallet Wrapping Machine to an extension cord to power it. Using an extension cord will cause the motor to fault, and this will ultimately void your warranty.
  • Ensure to take safe care when operating forklifts around your Pallet Wrapping Machine. It is very common for the operator to get the tips of their forks caught on the turntable lid. This type of error can result in the lid being dislodged and rendering the machine down. A service call is required to repair and test the machine.
  • Ensure to properly load and offload each pallet. The operator should never drag a load. Even for long loads, the operator should be able to visibly see the end of the pallet they are wrapping to ensure dragging is not taking place. It is very common to pull a turntable lid right off the turntable. For longer loads, it is recommended to consider Rotary Arm or Orbital Wrapping if traditional Turntable machines are not able to meet the requirements of the load.

There is very little required to maintain with modern Pallet Wrapping Machines. Most models consist of a basic design – motor, chains, castor wheels, photo-eyes, and PLC Programming. If these machines are properly cared for and the environment around them is kept free of small debris – they can typically run without problems for years.

Should your machine go down, contact us right away so we can get you back up and running just as quickly.

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Please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail so we can help you right away. Our trained professionals are able to help get your machine back up and running if you are currently experiencing downtime. Have a conversation with our sales staff to get a better understanding of each machine and find the one that fits your application best.

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