Terms and Conditions


Shrinktec requires full payment via the shopping cart of the website prior to a product shipping. Payment is Accepted in the form of Credit Card, PayPal, Google Pay or Apple Pay.

  • Your order will ship from the nearest Shrinktec location serving Canada and the USA.
  • An order confirmation will be provided immediately upon completion of the purchase via our website. Please allow up to (2) weeks before the product is dispatched from our warehouse. Some customization and assembly are required for each order before it leaves our loading dock. Shipping confirmation will be sent directly to the contact information on file as soon as the order is loaded on the delivery truck. We will contact you directly should any complications arise that may extend this lead time.
  • Your order will ship via LTL-Closed Trailer
  • It is up to the client to inspect all deliveries upon arrival for damage during transit. Upon arrival it is recommended to take photos of any damage while the load is still on the truck, or as soon as the load comes off the truck. It is advised that the customer inform the carrier that we will be seeking a Damage Claim. Shrinktec will continue to Warranty or Replace the product under these circumstances assuming the product was damaged during delivery.
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